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POSTED April 5, 2013

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 MM-1 Online

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PostSubject: MM-1 Online   Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:13 pm

;allows use of MM-1 as a primary gun online
0xFFFFFFFF 0x0049139C
0x00005098 0x00000001

For those who dont like pointer codes this one works for me:

#MM1 online
0x00667de8 0x00000001

For those who want to use it OFFLINE:

#MM1 unlock
0x00667dec 0x00000000

I have also written it into Joe's modifier (Im sure he wont mind)

This version now lets you use all of your favourite offline guns on infrastructure

#Gun Modifier [improved]
;now enables offline guns
;turn on then off once
0x00000098 0x0A340000
0x00500000 0x3C0808C9
0x00500004 0x8D091398
0x00500008 0x25290004
0x0050000C 0x3C1808D0
0x00500010 0x8F19FFFC
0x00500014 0x01394820
0x00500018 0x27390008
0x0050001C 0x240F0270
0x00500020 0x132F0016
0x00500024 0xAF19FFFC
0x00500028 0x8D2E0000
0x0050002C 0xADC000E4
0x00500030 0x240B0001
0x00500034 0xADCB002C
0x00500038 0xADCB00E0
0x00500040 0x3C0B44E0
0x00500044 0xADCB0044
0x00500048 0x3C0B5190
0x0050004C 0xADCB007C
0x00500050 0xADC0009C
0x00500054 0x240B000F
0x00500058 0xADCB00A0
0x0050005C 0xADC000A4
0x00500060 0x240BFFFF
0x00500064 0xADCB00EC
0x00500068 0xADCB00F0
0x00500074 0x0A340000
0x0050007C 0xAF00FFFC
0x00500080 0x03E00008

Use of these or any other codes seems to cause mass laggage on this game, which spoils your game and makes peope disconnect

so if you see someone using MM1, do the right thing and vote them off
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MM-1 Online
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