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POSTED April 5, 2013

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 Full Lock-on Distance ALL Weapons

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PostSubject: Full Lock-on Distance ALL Weapons   Fri Jan 28, 2011 9:10 am

Full Lock-on Distance ALL Weapons

Here is a code the provides max lock-on distance for all weapons. The version risk released only included a few primarys and secondarys this code enables it for all weapons
and it doesnt stick

#Full Lock-On Distance
;all weapons
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00491F4C
0x000000B4 0x50000000
0x00000234 0x50000000
0x000003B4 0x50000000
0x00000534 0x50000000
0x000006B4 0x50000000
0x00000834 0x50000000
0x000009B4 0x50000000
0x00000B34 0x50000000
0x00000CB4 0x50000000
0x00000E34 0x50000000
0x00000FB4 0x50000000
0x00001134 0x50000000
0x000012B4 0x50000000
0x00001434 0x50000000
0x000015B4 0x50000000
0x00001734 0x50000000
0x000018B4 0x50000000
0x00001A34 0x50000000
0x00001BB4 0x50000000
0x00001D34 0x50000000
0x00001EB4 0x50000000
0x00002034 0x50000000
0x000021B4 0x50000000
0x00002334 0x50000000
0x000024B4 0x50000000
0x00002634 0x50000000
0x000027B4 0x50000000
0x00002934 0x50000000
0x00002AB4 0x50000000
0x00002C34 0x50000000
0x00002DB4 0x50000000
0x00002F34 0x50000000
0x000030B4 0x50000000
0x00003234 0x50000000
0x000033B4 0x50000000
0x00003534 0x50000000
0x000036B4 0x50000000
0x00003834 0x50000000
0x000039B4 0x50000000
0x00003B34 0x50000000
0x00003CB4 0x50000000
0x00003E34 0x50000000
0x00003FB4 0x50000000
0x00004134 0x50000000
0x000042B4 0x50000000
0x00004434 0x50000000
0x000045B4 0x50000000
0x00004734 0x50000000
0x000048B4 0x50000000
0x00004A34 0x50000000
0x00004BB4 0x50000000
0x00004D34 0x50000000
0x00004EB4 0x50000000
0x00005034 0x50000000
0x000051B4 0x50000000
0x00005334 0x50000000
0x000054B4 0x50000000
0x00005634 0x50000000
0x000057B4 0x50000000
0x00005934 0x50000000
0x00005AB4 0x50000000
0x00005C34 0x50000000
0x00005DB4 0x50000000
0x00005F34 0x50000000
0x000060B4 0x50000000
0x00006234 0x50000000
0x000063B4 0x50000000
0x00006534 0x50000000
0x000066B4 0x50000000
0x00006834 0x50000000
0x000069B4 0x50000000
0x00006B34 0x50000000
0x00006CB4 0x50000000
0x00006E34 0x50000000
0x00006FB4 0x50000000
0x00007134 0x50000000
0x000072B4 0x50000000
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PostSubject: Re: Full Lock-on Distance ALL Weapons   Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:48 pm

hey man i was just wondering im like really new at this and was wondering how to put thes codes in i mean im really ignorant so yeh if you could enligten me that would be great
boom he he i like big guns
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Full Lock-on Distance ALL Weapons
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