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POSTED April 5, 2013

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PostSubject: COLLECT ALL LANDMARKS   Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:16 am

Here are all the landmarks

1) In "Gray Dawn
" take the photo of the monument in town square [ the one that looks like an obelisk with a red star, just make sure you're in the right position in front of it]

2) In "Broken Road
" take a photo of "Glory to the Veterans" (original is in Russian) stone monument [ in the end of a train yard that leads to the last town square]

3) In "Distant Thunder
" take a photo of a monument (hand holding sword, with a red star) that is on the right side and under the bridge [ in the yard where you have to avoid detection]

4) In "Stockpile
" take a photo of Lenin's head [) right after you blow up the supplies and engage the group of hostiles that come your way]

5) In "Snow Blind
" take a photo of "Welcome Sign" (original is in Russian) [it has yellow/green letters] in the beginning of the village on top left.

6) In "Frost Ridge
" take a photo of a monument in the beginning of the yard that leads to the tenement [where you have the first shoot-off with the mercs]

7) In "Engagement Grounds
" take a photo of a white unicorn statue in the front yard, you can do it from a balcony that overlooks the front yard, just zoom in enough.

8) In "Urban Assault
" take a photo of Lenin's statue right in front of where they raised the bridge [
just as you start the mission]
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